Unilever Big Milk #głowadogóry is a summer campaign that encourages people to share happiness and optimism.As part of the campaign participants were competing for an event to be organized by Unilever in their city during which Big Milk ice cream were to be dropped from Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV).
For the purpose of this event special UAVs were developed. They were equipped with a refrigerator comprising of 24 chambers of ice cream. When UAV reached a designated altitude ice creams with parachutes were dropped straight to the participants’ hands. We engaged people in UAV spotting with a dedicated app.

Deliver simple mobile app that will provide an accurate information about the dropping spots.

This event was targeting young audience.
By analyzing their behaviour online
I decided to use mechanism utilised by snapchat as it was very popular amongst this demographic group.

Ice Cream dropping spots could be discovered by clicking on one single button.
The mechanism was identical to recording a new snapchat.

App was intuitive and easy to navigate.
Event participants were able to spot drones
and ice cream dropping spots without any problems.