To create light sensitive modules based
on widely available technology.
To develop online tutorials
on how to create these light sensitive modules.

Deliver experience for more
than only one sense with unexpected
interface and engaging interaction

Technology behind this sensor is based
on analogue circuit, which meant
there was no coding required for building it,
only pure electronics.
Human motion detected by infrared light
triggers a signal to be sent
to operational amplifier LM324,
which in turn changes voltage that
lights up the LED diode.

arc.HI is covered with holographic foil
that scatters light and creates
dimensional reflections.
Top cover is made from 100 balls.
A LED diode in design pattern
is located under each ball.
Balls are gently rolling and
softly tickling people hands when touched.

ar.HI can be approached from multiple directions
– so a group of people can have fun at the same time!
arc.HI’s mission is to socialize people
and bring them visual and sensual experience.

To familiar people with technology behind it
we delivered tutorial that presents
essential parts in case somebody would like to
do lighting module by yourself

arc.HI already had a chance to be a part of event
where during experimental electronic music concert
people could interact with him