Client launching new office in Warsaw.
Office is huge, staff may get lost and feel uncomfortable in the new space.
Building is modern and energy-efficient therefore employer wants to implement fitness strategy for staff.

Deliver solution that covers clients all business needs.

We used Google maps mechanism that
users were already familiar with.
We used iBeacons technology that enabled us
to locate users and plan their way around
the office to the chosen destination.
To make searching even more accurate
we assigned every staff member to a particular
department and floor. Having conducted
short surveys, we defined most common functions
and assigned them to relevant departments
(i.e. when I need to raise an invoice
I go to finance department).

As a part of a client fitness strategy
to encourage employees to increase physical activity,
we knew that all app users have iPhones
and utilize data from native health app.
We introduced pedometers in the office and presented
the step count in real time. To make data even
more accurate, beacons were placed at every entrance
to allow for data collection outside the office.
Additionally, this function was supported
by gamification strategy and the employees were awarded
a free smoothie for the right number of steps taken.

The app allowed for an anonymous feedback
and suggestions for improvement to be submitted
by users. All submissions were sent directly
to the administrative department
and contributed to the process execution.

Knowing that this app was going to be
used by selected group of people we implemented
the most convenient login option – the magic link.
The magic link enabled activation process with just
with one click.